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The big dig – part 1

We have been in our current house for about 10 years.  Naive and optimistic on what we could accomplish, we had grandiose plans and thoughts on the things we could do with the house.  We started with the inside and touched every room and redid everything from the flooring, ceiling and walls.  It took us around 3 years for the major parts, and several after that for the finishing touches.

Around a year ago, we finally started the major parts of the backyard.  Several trees were taken out and the fence was repaired, but years of neglect had taken it’s toll and it fell on us to take on the seemingly impossible.  I’m not sure if we captured any before pictures of the backyard, before all of the work started, but I’ll try and dig them up.


These are the first of the pictures that I remembered to take after digging out the initial trench.  The bottom of the hill was always a waste land of poison ivy, leaves and kids toys that no one wanted to retrieve.  This excavation took me about 5 weeks, while working only on Saturday’s and the occasional Sunday. Of course, with my infinite wisdom, I decided to take this on in the middle of the summer.

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